Samruddha Jeevan – Bringing Prosperity in the Life of People

samruddha Jeevan FoundationFor those who are working in fields related to agriculture and animal husbandry, would be happy to know that Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd (SJFIL), is there to provide assistance, anytime, anywhere. Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd is the flagship company of Samruddha Jeevan Group, and agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy products are the core sectors it is involved in. Samruddha Jeevan is a well diversified business group with numerous business sectors under its aegis. These include real estate, banking, hospitality, healthcare, Media and Entertainment and education. The company started its operations in April 2002 and in a very short period of time has widened its reach to 21 states and 260 customer service centres in India. The basis of SJFIL is to create maximum opportunities for people in agriculture and animal husbandry. The company also wants to bring private and organized investment in these sectors in India and help them grow exponentially. The dedicated efforts of the team at Samruddha Jeevan have paid off as the company has more than 20 lakh satisfied customers and families attached with it. Moreover, the company has got a SE-1B rating from NSIC – CRISIL, indicating that the company has highest Performance Capability and Moderate Financial Strength.

Perhaps the secret of the success of the company lies in its value base. The company is a group of hardworking, talented and dedicated people who have come together to achieve extraordinary things in life. The team at Samruddha Jeevan Group firmly believes that every individual should be treated with respect and dignity. Best possible service and best investment avenues is what the company strives to provide. However it does not stop here. The team at Samruddha Jeevan is constantly pushing itself to do better and take the company to even greater heights. Of course a strong motivational force is instrumental to infuse energy and dynamism in such a huge business conglomerate. That role of a motivator and excellent leadership has been splendidly played by Chairman, Shri Mahesh Motewar. His drive and passion for betterment of agriculture and animal husbandry led him to set up this company.  He has various national and international awards and accolades to his credit. Yet he remains humble and inspires the company to give back to the society what it gave them.

That was how Samruddha Jeevan Foundation came about, which carries out Corporate Social Activities for Samruddha Jeevan. It has been involved in large scale social welfare activities, right from nationwide blood donation camps to donating ambulances to helping the needy farmers with agriculture related small businesses which provide them with an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream for themselves and their families. Samruddha Jeevan has touched the lives of innumerable people and has truly made them prosperous (Samruddha)!

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